10 Best Yoga Straps to Buy Right Now

10 Best Yoga Straps to Buy Right Now

A yoga strap is perhaps one of the most prized accessories in a yogi’s arsenal. It helps you maintain certain positions and also perform more advanced positions without the risk of injuries.

A high-quality yoga strap is even more useful for beginners. For someone who is just starting in yoga, some of the poses can be quite a challenge. Especially if their body is not used to all the various ways, the body tends to twist and bend in yoga.

So, to make yoga more accessible to beginners and also improve an expert yogi’s session, we rounded up the 10 best yoga straps out right now. We will take an in-depth look at the yoga straps and what makes them special. There is also a buyer’s guide to help you choose the best strap for you.

10 Best Yoga Straps

10. Yoga EVO Strap

Product Description: This elastic yoga strap from Yoga EVO is great for getting a quick stretch before your yoga session. Stretching will help your body prepare for the whole yoga session and also make it much safer for you as well.

There are 10 loops with this strap making it an ideal choice for beginners especially. Other than this, we quite appreciated the carrying case it comes with. You can take it with you easily to a studio or when you’re traveling.

Design and Quality: The design is kept simple and minimal. You do get a couple of color options, though. There is a black, red, pink, and sky-blue variant. We quite like the vibrant blue one for this strap.


  • Non-toxic material
  • The durable and stretchable strap that shall last you a long time
  • Includes a carrying bag for easier portability

9. Onory Yoga Strap

Product Description: This strap is one of the best yoga straps when it comes to versatility. You can use it for a lot of things. Use it to do simple stretches before you start exercising or some physical therapy.

Yoga increases your flexibility, along with your core strength. A strap like this is a perfect addition to your accessories to help you master those poses. There is even an exercise booklet you can refer to for direction and a carrying bag just like our previous one.

Design and Quality: The durability of this strap impressed us when testing. The elasticity was perfect and did not seem it will break any time soon. The stitches felt solid and perfectly well-made—all in all, a great yoga strap.


  • Versatile in use
  • High-quality and premium build
  • Includes additions like a carrying case and a CD

8. A AZURELIFE 11-loop Yoga Strap

Product Description: This strap features a quite innovative take on the traditional yoga strap. There are essentially two parts – one elastic side and the other is non-elastic. This makes it great for use in multiple cases. If you need to use an elastic strap to stretch, you can use the elastic grey side.

While for non-elastic use cases, the black one is perfectly suited. If that was not already great enough, it also includes an exercise guide with 6 workouts for you to do.     

Design and Quality: The quality also is, fortunately, very durable. It is made from a thick and high-quality material. So, you can be sure it won’t break on you when you are performing advanced poses.

There are different colors to choose from too. You can either go with a more muted grey tone or a cyan or purple color if you want more character in your strap.


  • Very high-quality and thick material
  • Cool color options and minimal design
  • Innovative two webbings design

7. SANKUU Yoga Strap

Product Description: This strap from SANKUU has one of the highest loop counts compared to any of the straps we have in this best yoga straps roundup. There are 12 loops. It is also non-elastic. That essentially means you can use this to perfect that yoga poses you have been struggling with.

It helps you keep your feet and body in place comfortably, all while giving you a sense of confidence in the quality. 

Design and Quality: Speaking of quality, the strap is made from tough nylon that ensures it will retain its original shape. The build was actually quite impressive, and after testing it ourselves, we can comfortably say there were no signs of fraying and tears. 

For shoppers that want some splash of color in their yoga straps, you can rejoice. There are 6 colors you can choose from. Yes, 6 vibrant and high-quality color finishes.


  • Superb durability
  • A lot of color options to match your personal style
  • 12 loops
  • The non-stretchable strap helps you hold your yoga poses with ease

6. Hugger Mugger Strap

Product Description: Perhaps two of the most enticing features of this yoga strap from Hugger Mugger is the quick release feature and its length. The quick-release makes it very easy to adjust the tension of the strap when performing different poses.

Also, it is 10 feet in length. So, if you happen to be somewhat tall, you can still use the strap comfortably. If you are on the shorter side, there is no worry, either. You adjust the length with ease. It can even hold up to 500 lbs. That is quite impressive for a strap if you ask us.

Design and Quality: The Hugger Mugger strap is made from 100% cotton. It has a cotton webbing, to be precise, and feels just as comfortable to use as it is durable and high-quality.

It has a cotton webbing, to be precise, and feels just as comfortable to use as it is durable and high-quality.

If we had to nitpick, we wish it came in different colors. As of now, you can only get in one color – navy blue, which is not a bad color at all in its own right.


  • Durable cotton webbing construction
  • Long cable with a quick-release latch
  • Single, yet very nice color

5. Clever Yoga Strap

Product Description: We have tested a lot of products and accessories from Clever Yoga. We came across a lot of high-quality mats, and even yoga starter sets from the guys over at Clever. This time around, we test their yoga strap. So, is it any good, and does it hold up to the quality we expect from Clever Yoga?

We are glad to say it absolutely does. First up, this is one for someone who loves choice; this is a great one to go with. You can get the strap in two different lengths and a lot of colors.

There is an 8-foot length variant and also a 10-foot model. As for the color options and design, we will touch on that a bit later. It is non-slip, so you can be sure you can hold your poses firmly without injuring yourself.

Design and Quality: On to design now. The design of the Clever Yoga strap is simple yet effective. Colors are the main 

star of the show here. You have a choice of between 7 total colors. We especially love the blue, black, and purple ones.

The build quality is good too! You get a well-built, solid strap for your money that will last you for a while.


  • Lots of color options
  • Helps you perform your yoga poses safer
  • High-quality build

4. REEHUT Yoga Strap

Product Description: If you are in the market for the best budget option, this REEHUT strap is a perfect choice. Not only can you get in 3 different sizes, but the D ring is also metal and can be adjusted as well.

That helps you perform more advanced poses with ease. You can use it for physical therapy and even Pilates too.

Design and Quality: The best thing about the design of this strap is the color choices you get. There are 7 colors to choose from. Combine that with the 3 different size options. 

You can get the one that fits your style perfectly. All in all, this is a pretty good strap with high-quality materials.


  • Polyester cotton material that is durable
  • Different color and size options
  • Adjustable D ring

3. Tumaz Yoga Strap

Product Description: This strap from Tumaz is incredibly comfortable to use. If you are in the market for a soft and thin yoga strap to help with your poses, you can get the Tumaz strap. It is also not going to break the bank either.

Tumaz also boasts great customer service. We did not get a chance to test their customer service, though, since our strap really did not have any issues. Having said that, judging by the rating on Amazon, it is safe to say everyone is pretty pleased.

Design and Quality: If you thought some of our other straps had a lot of color options, this Tumaz strap has a whopping selection of 15+ colors to choose from. This is great because it essentially means you are not limited to just a couple of choices. 

The quality is also top-notch made from a tight-knit technique; this strap is sure to be some of the most durable straps out there.


  • Durable tight-knit technique
  • Loads of colors
  • The non-flexible strap that adds extra stability to your poses

2. Pete’s Choice Adjustable Yoga Strap

Product Description: Taking the 2nd spot in our best yoga straps roundup is Pete’s Choice adjustable yoga strap. This also turns out to be our choice as well for the second-best yoga strap you get right now that provides quality, design, and ease of use all in one package. 

It checks all the important boxes for a yoga strap. It is non-slip, has an adjustable D rind, and even comes in packs too.

Design and Quality: The quality of the strap is up there with the best of the best. It is made from reinforced cotton, which not only makes it comfortable but is also durable.

The only small gripe we have with this strap is the lack of color options. There is a single beige color, which is not the best to look at.


  • Durable and comfortable cotton build
  • Can be bought in packs
  • Adjustable D ring

1. Manduka Align Yoga Strap

Product Description: The Manduka yoga strap takes our top spot for its exceptional quality and versatility. Overall, we love this strap for its middle bar design that allows you to hold your yoga poses. 

No matter whether you are a beginner or an expert yogi, you can make use of this strap to help you with your poses and try out advanced ones.

Design and Quality: There are three different color options to choose from. All the color finishes are very high quality. Quality-wise, the build is just superb. It is robust and yet lightweight too.


  • Strong yet lightweight build
  • 3 great color options
  • Reasonable length

Yoga Strap Buyers Guide

When buying a yoga strap, there are essentially 3 things you need to consider when buying the best yoga straps for you.

  • Material – The material is quite important since it dictates how durable and comfortable the strap is.
  • The length – The length is another factor to consider since you don’t want something too long or too short for your height.
  • Loops – You can get straps with loops or buckles. Straps with loops are some of the easiest ones to use. While ones with buckles are adjustable. It really is a personal preference.


These were the best yoga straps that you can buy right to instantly help you with your yoga poses. There are different materials and also lengths. Simply choose the best one for you, and you should be all set.


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