10 Best Yoga Towels to Buy Right Now

10 Best Yoga Towels to Buy Right Now

If you have any experience with yoga, you may probably already know how easy it is to work up a sweat. That is why yogis use yoga towels that add an extra layer of grip to their mats. This is to prevent a slippery mess during poses.

Having said that, a quick search for yoga towels will give you thousands of results. Which one do you buy? Well, we rounded up the 10 best yoga towels you can buy right now, so you don’t have to spend hours comparing each one of them.

This article will give you an in-depth look at the towel’s functionality, quality, and design. To make things even better, there is also a buyer’s guide to help you get a towel that best suits your needs. So, without further to do, let’s get started.

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10 Best Yoga Towels

10. Gaiam Yoga Towels

Product Description: Starting off our roundup for the best yoga towels is the Gaiam yoga towel. Gaiam has been one of the most consistent brands we tested yoga equipment from. 

All of their products are incredibly high quality and functions exactly as advertised. This towel from Gaiam is no different. It is a large yoga towel that you easily put over your mat to give you some extra grip.

The size is also quite large. It will fit perfectly over any traditional yoga mat without any hassle. It is very soft and comfortable to stand on. Having said that, some of us felt the grip was a bit lacking, though.

Design and Quality: The grip might be sub-par on this one, but the quality is still there. It is made from a mix of nylon and polyester. It should last you for a while and, all in all is a well-made towel.

The design is fairly simple, but you do get 3 color choices. You have a purple color variant, a tangerine orange, and a fuchsia blue. The blue is especially vibrant.


  • Very soft and comfortable to use
  • Made from durable material
  • Reasonably priced

9. Yoga Jaci Yoga Towel

Product Description: This towel is a bit on the larger side. Which is great if your mat is larger, too, and you have been having trouble finding a towel that works with it. It is 100% microfiber, so you can be sure that this towel will give you a superior grip. 

And it did. We tested it with our mats and were quite happy with the results. It stayed firm on the ground. The towel is very absorbent too. Hardcore yogis know how sweaty an intense yoga session can be.

Fortunately, this towel from Yoga Jaci will soak up any sweat without any hiccups. All in all, a good towel with plenty of redeeming qualities.

Design and Quality: One of those qualities is the myriad of color options. There is a total of 11 color options you can choose from. So, no matter what your style is, there is a towel for you.

The quality of the towel itself is great. The stitches are all high-quality, and the material used makes it feel premium too.


  • Loads of color options
  • High-quality materials
  • Very absorbent and anti-slip

8. Shandali Hot Yoga Towel

Product Description: If you want a superb grip, this towel has you covered. It features ECO silicone web-grips that help you maintain your poses and keep you grounded.

Avoid any injury when doing advanced poses. It even does away with bunching which. It lays completely flat on a yoga mat and gives you a good surface to practice your yoga.

After you are done with your session, you can easily machine wash the towel without any worry of damage. It is an all-around, very versatile towel. 

Design and Quality: The quality of the towel, from the stitches to the material, is all very premium. It is comfortable to use and should be long-lasting. You can choose from 5 color options as well.

There are two shades of pink, a jade green variant, gray, and our favorite forgetmenot color, which is quite unique.


  • Very grippy
  • Cool color options
  • Durable build quality

7. IUGA Non-Slip Towel

Product Description: If you want a towel that is thick and comfortable, this yoga towel from IUGA is one of our top choices. It is made from 100% microfiber, which is great for absorbing any sweat and gives you a non-slip surface to perform yoga with ease.

We quite like the weave of this one too. It makes the towel very soft and comfortable to use without sacrificing the grip – which is the main feature of any yoga towel.

The thickness also adds to the overall comfortability of the towel. You can even use the towel as a yoga mat from time to time if you’re in a pinch.

Design and Quality: The design of the towel is understated and minimal. So, you won’t be embraced to take the towel to a studio yoga class. It would have been a shame if you were not able to take a towel of this quality to a professional class.

As with most of our towels in the roundup, there are different color options as well. You can choose from 6 vibrant color options. However, the muted black looks very classy and is our favorite one so far.


  • Classy design and color options
  • Ver thick and comfortable to use
  • Provides ample grip

6. Alfamo Cooling Towel

Product Description: The great thing about yoga is you can do it anywhere. Whether you are in a hotel room, at your house, or in a studio class.  If you are an avid traveler but do not want to miss out on your yoga sessions, this versatile towel should be the one to get. 

It is perfect for travel and portable too. It comes in a plastic protective case that you can toss into your luggage without a hassle. It is versatile too. If you wet the towel and wear it around your body, it can act as a cooling towel!      

You can get it in packs, and of course, there are different color options to choose from. For how easy it is to carry around, the length is large too. So, you won’t be stuck with a towel that is too small for us.

Design and Quality: We did not find any faults with the quality. There is ample attention to detail here, and from the looks of it, if you take proper care of it, it should last you a long time.


  • Perfect for traveling
  • Can be used as a cooling towel
  • Durable build and high-quality materials used

5. Yoga Mate Soft Yoga Towel

Product Description: This towel is also a canadine for one of the most absorbent towels in the roundup. What we love about this one is how easy to maintain and soft it is.

You can machine wash the towel when it is dirty. This saves you time. A lot of yoga towels can get easily damaged when you machine wash them. So, having a quality towel can be machine washed is a big plus.

If you are doing hot yoga or Bikram, this non-slip towel from Yoga Mate is truly a no brainer. Plus, the Amazon reviews sort of speak for themselves at this point. Customers who bought the towel love it.

Design and Quality: The quality is phenomenal. As we mentioned, the towel is very absorbent. Yet, it manages to be very soft and comfortable to use. The fabric is incredibly soothing and odorless.

There are different color options for you to choose from also. There are 4 solid color options and two mixed color options, all of which look great nonetheless.


  • Very absorbent
  • Quite durable and high quality
  • Soft and comfortable to use

4. AmazonBasics Yoga Towel

Product Description: When shopping on Amazon, a safe way to shop is to get whatever product you are looking for under the AmazonBasics brand. There are a ton of product categories to choose from, and all of them are high-quality and budget-friendly.

This towel from AmazonBasics is no different. It is absorbent, soft, and even has a warranty.

Design and Quality: Design is not a strong suit, but it isn’t bad either. It is a minimal and classic looking design with no bells and whistles. You get a black towel with pink borders, and that is about it.

The quality of the material is something interesting, though. Despite the cost, the towel was very durable and felt quite high-end during our testing.


  • Reliable quality from AmazonBasics
  • Soft and comfortable
  • Large size

3. TOPLUS Yoga Towel

Product Description: Why only buy a yoga towel when you can buy a set of yoga and hand towels?       This 2-in-1 set from TOPLUS is one of the best sets you can buy.

The towel is very absorbent, thanks to being made from 100% microfiber. The size is sort of a one size fits all endeavor. So, it should go well with any standard yoga mat size.

Design and Quality: Both the quality of the hand towel and yoga towel has a great finish to them. The material makes them comfortable to use. While some might find the design and color scheme, we liked the understated professional design approach. There are 3 colors to choose from as well.


  • High-quality materials
  • 100% microfiber make it very absorbent
  • Classy design

2. Nomadix Towel

Product Description: Taking the 2nd spot in our best yoga towel roundup is the versatile Nomadix Towel.   The best thing about this towel is you can use it anywhere.

Take it with you to the beach or have a hot yoga session – the lightweight and absorbent towel is great for either.

Design and Quality: The design might not be to everyone’s taste. If you are a fan of one-toned minimalistic designs, you might want to check other towels. However, we like the illustrative design on this towel, and the quality of the materials is also good.


  • Punchy design
  • Great material quality
  • Lightweight and absorbent

1. Yogitoes Manduka Yoga Towel

Product Description: Manduka has taken our top spot for yoga equipment on multiple occasions simply because of the sheer quality of their products. This time it is no different. The Yogitoes yoga towel is one of the best designed and absorbent towels we have seen so far.

It is easy to wash and maintain and is also toxin-free. Their grip is a patented technology. So, you know Manduka means business here.

Design and Quality: The design has to be the classiest yet. There are a couple of color options to choose from. But we love the chakra blue variant around here.


  • Exceptional quality towel
  • Overall great looking design
  • Very absorbent and toxin-free

Yoga Towel Buyers Guide

When shopping for a quality yoga towel, there are essentially 3 things you need to look for.

  • Material – Having a towel of good material will dictate how comfortable it is to use and also determine how absorbent the towel is.
  • Quality – If you want a towel that will last you a while, you cannot miss on the finer details like the quality of the stitching, etc.
  • Price – Finally, price. While prices will differ from brand to brand, it is best to go with the price that you want to afford. There is no need to spend hundreds of dollars on high-end brands. Pick a quality towel with all the features you need, and you’re good to go.


Hopefully, this article helped you narrow down your search for the best yoga towels to buy. All of the towels here are of high quality and offer great absorption and comfort. Simply pick the one that works for you.


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