Fitness Horizon T202 Treadmill Review

Horizon T202 Treadmill Review

Horizon Fitness T202 Treadmill Review

Horizon T202 Treadmill Review

A successful affordable home exercise unit, the Horizon T202 Treadmill. It has all the functionalities that make it an advanced mid-level model—but not similar to a luxury treadmill, rather than the lowest price/grade choices. Five simple built-in programs are given and your own fitness application is accessible free of charge. You can use your own smartphone to listen or to use this fitness application and other compatible fitness apps, which can track your progress, thanks to Bluetooth compatibility. The 2.75 CHP engine is perfect for a good ride or a jog. It fits in small areas but will still be a reliable system for users up to 325 lbs. It’s perfect for beginners and fitness intermediates.


Motor: 2.75 HP
Running Area: 20″ x 60″
Folding: Yes
Top Speed:12 MPH
Weight Capacity: 325 LBS
Dimensions: 75″” L x 34″” W x 58″ H
Built-In Programs: 5
  • frame: Lifetime 
  • motor: Lifetime 
  • parts: 1 year 
  • labor: 1 year 

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Light Folding:

The T202’s ability to fold quickly represents a major advantage. The T202’s deck is lightweight and once you press the release lock, the deck is pulled down to land the flashlight itself. It has a rather compact footprint when this treadmill is folded up. The dimensions of the T202 are 47 inches long, 34 inches wide, and 65 inches tall, and can comfortably fit into a chamber corner.


The Horizon T202 Treadmill, which is designed to provide three separate cushioning areas, is called variable reaction cushioning. The concept is to give the user the correct amount of coil, depending on where they are on course, behind the variable response coil. How efficient the padding can be, since it feels all similar to the T202, but the padding is safe enough to walk and jog.

Incline Range:

The slope is a helpful feature. The T202 treadmill has a tilt range from a tilt of 0.0% to a tilt of 12%. With this range, you can make all your practice more intensive and encourage you to burn more calories, whether you are jogging or walking.

Horizon T202 Treadmill Review


Two LED data windows with alphanumeric displays provide a good-looking console. You can monitor your distance, time, speed, calorie burn, heart rate and slope using this monitor and the window-mounted LED displays below the system shelf. You will ensure your workouts on the track to help you meet the ultimate goals of your health and wellness through the use of these measurements.

Programs of workouts:

You should try one of the twelve training programs with the T202 instead of doing the same old thing during your treadmill training. The training programmes, based on calorie burn, weight loss, distance and time elapsed, are divided into four groups. You can use the manual setting to customize a workout to your needs if none of the programs are exactly what you were looking for.

Running Surface:

The T202 has no problem since its running surface is 20′′ x 60′′. It is always my favorite spec that I like to start with the working surface of a treadmill. I believe it is significant because it has the greatest impact on the comfort of a treadmill.

Horizon T202 Treadmill Review

The T202 is fitted with a CHP 2.75 engine that can achieve a top speed of 12 mph. A good motor comes with the T202. While it is not a commercial motor, the 2.75 CHP motor is rated for continuous horsepower, which shows its staying power while under a load.

Range of Speed:

On the Horizon T202 Treadmill, the engine can quickly switch between the different speeds and from 0,5-12 MPH. Although the treadmill is not nice to use the top speeds too much, if you want to do interval or speed training, it is available.

Monitoring of heart rate: 

with a dual grip monitoring device, you can quickly monitor your pulse. This lets you exercise in a heart rate region to optimize any preparation.

Bluetooth speaker:

This is a cool feather that isn’t always used in budget songs. Bluetooth speakers. You can attach your tablet or telephone via Bluetooth to your built-in speakers and listen to your music or media during training.

USB Port:

you can charge it with this charging port while watching your tablet or listening to music through Bluetooth speakers. Don’t let you down with a low battery. The fast USB port retains maximum power for your computer during long jogs. You will complete the training fully loaded and ready to tackle the next thing.

Device holder:

The integrated computer holder makes it easy to use your tablet or telephone. The charging port can be easily handled in areas. The integrated unit holder makes it easy for the entertainment or training courses to keep your tablet or phone in view. Even in tough times, this robust holder will keep your computer secure. And it’s great for perfect viewing.


The fan will help you keep your toughest training a little comfortable.

Maximum Weight Capacity:

The T202’s weight limit is one of the surprising things. This treadmill can be used securely for a person who weighs up to 325 pounds. The T202 is much cheaper than the treadmills with this weight limit.

Horizon T202 Treadmill Review
  • Light Folding Design
  • cushioning deck
  • compact footprint
  • Bluetooth Connectivity
  • Offers Device Holder
  • A 2.75CHP decent motor
  • Heart rate Monitoring
  • Changeable incline level
  • LCD Monitor
  • faster speeds
  • weighing up to 325 lives
  • Not built for serious running
  • Does not have a regulation chest strap for heart rate.

Quick Summary

For its diverse features/quality and costs, the Horizon T202 Treadmill is a good value. The 2.75 CHP (continued power horsepower) engine is ideally suited to walking and jogging, but you can work on it. The 12% incline helps you to work more intensively – and to ton-up hard muscles – whether you walk or jog. The variable coating absorbs effects in order to minimize joint tension. Bluetooth compatibility enables the computer to be connected to the console and the speakers and a tablet rack allow you to set up the device. A few common fitness applications are available and your smartphone can save your progress. Five integrated services provide cardiovascular exercise and weight loss (calories, time) with manual and interval training options. The workstation can handle up to 325 lbs users and features a 60′′ deck, which makes it convenient for larger users. The built-in fan keeps you comfortable with the really tough workouts. The FeatherlightTM folding feature is the advantage of this walking treadmill, which helps you to play up the walking treadmill with a reasonably simple activity.

Horizon T202 Treadmill Review


A strong choice in his class is the Horizon T202 Treadmill. The 12% slope makes for more demanding workouts, not to mention the strength, fitness, and muscle tone of your exercises. This is a good choice for heavy users because of the overall user weight of 325 lbs. The engine (2.75 CHP) suits walkers and joggers best. When you are running this Laufband, 60′′ deck is useful because it takes up to 12 mph and accommodates a longer stretch (helpful for interval training). For those using the treadmill frequently, cushioning is vital – it absorbs impacts to protect joints for a long time. The workstation is Bluetooth-enabled, enabling you to connect your apps to the compatible fitness apps or listen to your music/watch during workouts. A USB charge port maintains the entire charging of computers. The built-in refrigeration fan is a nice addition, if typical, particularly when you sweat. For this form of the machine the guarantee is good—life on the engine and frame, components, padding, and work one year.


The Horizon T202 Treadmill is a good relatively cheap treadmill that delivers solid features (incline, deck length, coiling, maximum speed), and Bluetooth connectivity, and app accessibility for hikers and joggers with simple programs. For serious runners, it is not necessary to be faster and to be more resilient. The guarantee is acceptable for a cheap workstation which tells you that Horizon is behind its product. The Horizon T202 is a good entrance level computer if you are new to work out.

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