Exercise Bike Machine buying guide 2021

Cycling is a great exercise to keep yourself fit.  Stationary exercise bikes provide you with incredible cardio workouts while keeping you fit.  Planning to buy an exercise bike at home is a sensible matter.

Recumbent Exercise Bike Buying Guide

There will be a Recumbent exercise bike that will help you feel comfortable, that will be within your reach in terms of price. These bikes will be friendly to burn your calories very easily. Also, the bikes are comfortable for your knees and joints.  There is no risk of injury to the joint while working out.

Thinking of different levels of people, this machine has all kinds of prizes, which makes it suitable for people of different budgets. But you should prioritize your preferences and needs first because one wrong decision can seriously hamper your fitness improvement journey.

You have to be very careful when buying a Exercise bike.  The bike must have the features you need and make you feel comfortable with the bike. Try to follow Exercise bike buying guide all of Article perfectly.

All About Recumbent Exercise Bike

It is a mechanism through which you can feel the taste of a bicycle ride from home.  It has pedals like bicycle pedals, seats for sitting, and handles for holding.  You can strengthen the flesh of your legs by using paddles while sitting on the seat. These bikes not only strengthen your lower part of the body but also help your body burn calories by increasing your heart rate.

Benefits Of Recumbent Exercise Bikes

Comfortable For Backrest: Recumbent bike has a back seat which will make you comfortable to sit in. It will not cause any pain in your back. The backrest seat is made of high-density foam.  Which is why it will give you a much smoother experience during the workout.

Benefits For Joint: It is designed in a very scientific way.  Its pedals are in front so that there is not much pressure on the joints of your legs.  Exercising through it will make your joints very strong.

Great For Leg Muscles: The most stung part of the body through the workout is the legs.  By pedaling, your leg muscles become very strong.  And the muscles are well-formed.

Calories Burn: Bikes can burn your body calories. This workout increases your heart rate while riding the bike and the body starts to get hot and you keep sweating.  As a result, calories are reduced by removing unnecessary fats from your body.

Counting Data: This is one of the best features.  There are many issues involved in this.  Each bike has a digital monitor, which will show you the time during the workout, total distance, and the number of calories burned.

Watching Programme: An interesting feature of high-quality big bikes is the laptop / iPad holder. If you want to watch a movie, watch the news or use social media during a workout, you can easily enjoy your desired program by placing a laptop or pad on it.

Easy To Move: If you want to move your recumbent bike to another room, it is very easy.  It has a transportation wheel, through which you can move the bike very easily.

Comfort Level Of Recumbent Bike

The Recumbent Exercise bike is very easy and comfortable to use compared to all other bikes. Because it has comfortable seats. The pedal front is very easy to use.  If you want, you can workout by watching a program.  Due to having a bottle holder, if you want to drink water, you have water at hand.  There is no fear of falling off the bike as there is a handle.  You can easily move from one house to another using the transport wheel. Its resistance level is very good and you don’t have to suffer to do a difficult workout. Overall, this bike is very comfortable.

Available space

It is very important to pay attention to how much space the recumbent exercise bike takes up when buying a recumbent bike. It would be wise to buy a recumbent exercise bike keeping in mind the space of your room. Even, you have to make sure that the bike will pass through your door.  Otherwise, it will take a lot of suffering to move from one room to another.  When it comes to occupying the perimeter of the house in your house is small, the recumbent exercise bike may not adjust proper bike space, the best recumbent exercise bike that can be suggested to you is the folding bike.

First, if all, measure your selected space for a recumbent bike. Then, search for your machine.

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Exercise Bike Weight

When it comes to the recumbent exercise bikes, the heavier bikes are more stable. This stability makes flywheel smooth and Stable bikes help in smooth rides. But many may not like heavier exercise bikes.  You can buy a light recumbent exercise bike if you need to move there.  But heavy exercise bikes will be best if there is no need to move.

Weight Capacity

Each recumbent exercise bike has a certain weight and height capacity, above which the bike may be damaged.  The weight capacity of the bike ranges from a minimum of 250 to a maximum of 400. So you have to select the bike according to your height and weight.

Height Capacity

Weight capacity is a very significant thing to find out the best recumbent bike. If you are not in a limited weight capacity, it will be hard for you to adjust yourself to the bike seat. Generally, the maximum height capacity of a recumbent bike is up to 6′.6″.

Attention About Some Essential Features

The recumbent exercise bikes have some eye-catching features that will make you buy as soon as you see them.  But before buying, you should know these features well and make sure that the features are of good quality.

1. Magnetic ResistanceThe magnetic resistance of the recumbent exercise bike is an eddy brake mechanism.  This will help you to have a difficult workout.  You need to keep in mind the level of resistance when buying a bike.  The resistance level of the bike must be at least eight.

2. LCD Monitor QualityEach recumbent exercise bike has a monitor.  This monitor shows your time, distance, calorie burn, heart rate.  Make sure that the monitor of the chosen bike is of good quality.  Some recumbent exercise bikes do not display the heart rate.  In my opinion, it would be best to determine the bike that monitors the heart rate.

Otherwise, you can’t stay in your desired heart rate zone.

3. Laptop holder Feature: High-quality recumbent exercise bikes have this feature.  If you want to watch a movie, watch the news, and work with your laptop or iPad during your workout, then this feature is a blessing for you.

You can easily put your laptop, phone, or iPad in it.

4. Suitable Pedals and Strap :  You need to make sure that the pedals and straps are of good quality.  The pedals should not be brittle and the straps should fit your feet.

5. Seat and Backrest QualityMost of the recumbent exercise bikes have two seats without folding.  One of those is a seat and the other is the backrest seat.  Make sure the two seats are made of high-density foam. Seats should be comfortable.

6. Comfortable Handlebars: This is also one of the important features.  This will give you a lot of support during the workout.  Will protect you from falling off the bike.  When buying a recumbent exercise bike, make sure that these two are wrapped in soft foam and feel comfortable to hold.

7. Folding System:  For your short room space folding a recumbent bike is like a blessing. Before buying, you must check that the folding system would be smooth and comfortable. 

Analyze your budget

There are many models of recumbent exercise bikes on the market. Many companies make these exercise bikes. They have made the recumbent exercise bikes of different prices considering the budget of the people. 

Cheap Recumbent Bike:  Some of these are very cheap, which have basic features. These bikes have a digital screen.  The petals are fragile and the seat quality is poor. 

Average Recumbent Bike: The average priced bikes are much more quality than the cheaper ones.  These have some more features.  The average bikes are more than cheap in terms of the warranty.  Among these, you will find many large size bikes and anyone can buy these bikes due to the average price.  If you analyze a little better, you can find something extraordinary in general.

Expensive Recumbent Bike: Again, there are some very high-quality recumbent exercise bikes, which are made up of many quality features.  Although the prices are a bit high, these can give you a great workout gift.  The features of these bikes will inspire you to workout.  Also if you search very well then you can get your desired bike within your budget.


Recumbent bikes may not make you happy about its warranty. Because the maximum bike’s minimum warranty is 1-2 years and the maximum is up to 3 years. Before buying a recumbent bike, it’s very important to know the warranty.

Everyone wants to invest in that product which he can find at a budgeted price and has a good warranty. A warranty can tell you about the quality of the product.

About the warranty of some parts-

Mechanical Warranty: Recumbent bike has a 2-year warranty. But the best and expensive bike offers you up to 5 years warranty.

Electrical Warranty: Normally, the electrical parts warranty for recumbent bikes is more than 2 years.

So, You should try to find out the best machine with the maximum warranty.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Qus :  Is a Recumbent Bike Good For Exercise?

Ans : Of course, this is one of the best exercise bikes.  It strengthens the leg muscles, burns your calories, and removes unnecessary belly fat.

Qus : Are Recumbent Bikes Good for Losing Weight?

Ans : The recumbent exercise bike reduces your weight by burning your calories.  The bike even helps you lose weight by removing unnecessary fat.

Qus : Does Recumbent Bike Hurt The Back?

Ans : A recumbent exercise bike with a good quality seat will never hurt your back.  If for some reason you or anyone suffers from back pain, you can still work out on the recumbent bike comfortably. The adjustable seat will support you to work out successfully. 

Qus : Can We Use a Recumbent Bike to Rehab from an Injury?

Ans : Those who are involved in different games or those professional players are sometimes engaged in the injuries and they have to exercise many exercises to be rehabilitated. Since this recumbent exercise bike provides a great cardio workout, it seems that it will play an extraordinary role in making you an injury and fits again as before.

Qus : How Long Should You Ride An Exercise Bike Per Day?

Ans : Health specialists normally advise us to exercise for 30 minutes per day. The only exercise can’t make you healthy. Well-balanced food is also more important for your health. So, balanced food and 30 minutes of exercise per day will change your life. 

Qus : Are Recumbent Bikes Noisy?

Ans : High-quality recumbent exercise bikes are not noisy.  However, some recumbent bikes are noisy, but not so much.  If you maintain your exercise, you can easily overcome such loudness.

Qus : What Type Of Recumbent Bike Can I Buy For My Shortest Room Area?

Ans : If your room space is very short and you wanna put your bike in that room, then folding recumbent bikes will be the best choice. You can easily fold up these bikes and these bikes don’t take up so big area

Qus : How can I buy Expensive Products at an Average Price?

Ans : Those who have a limited or average price for buying a recumbent bike, they try to select a high-featured machine at average cost.

Many companies sell their high-quality product at average cost. Moreover, In some fear, you may get an expensive recumbent bike at average or lower cost.

You just have to be alert about this discount or fear and buy your machine.

Finally, we want to tell you that there is no need to rush to buy a recumbent exercise bike. You browse and learn more about it. It's easy to find out the best at your budgeted cost. No matter what your budget is, you must check the quality of all the features. Especially the weight and height capacity will be checked well. We hope you enjoy the exercise bike buying guide details.

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