Top 13 Best Yoga Mat Bags

Goyoga Full Zip Yoga Mat Bag

Top 13 Best Yoga Mat Bags to Buy Right Now

Wish there was an easier way to carry your yoga mat to class? Guess what, there is! Enter yoga mat bags. Pack your yoga mat along with other accessories in some of the best yoga mat bags on our list. They will ensure that your mat lives up to its full capacity and serves you right during the practice sessions. Read ahead to learn all about it.

Is a Yoga Mat Bag Necessary?

People are embracing yoga as a lifestyle. If you’re a regular yogi, you should carry your own yoga mat to the studio. Sharing a public mat may not be the healthiest choice, especially during the pandemic. Now a yoga mat is not something you can fold and carry in your pocket. They come in a significantly large size and need a bag of their own. That’s where yoga mat bags come in.

So yes, a yoga mat bag is necessary if you’re planning to practice regularly. You can also carry your essential items in a yoga mat bag.

Most yoga mat bags these days feature a ventilation system. This allows the mat to breathe even when they’re zipped in. As a result, you can wick moisture and prevent the growth of bacteria in your yoga mat.

Things to Consider When Buying a Yoga Mat Bag


Since you’re planning to carry your yoga mat, the bag needs to be large enough to accommodate it. Without the proper size, you may potentially damage both the mat and bag. Some bags even offer additional storage space for towels and a change of cloth.


Yoga mats are commonly made of a material called canvas. It is machine washable and durable. So you won’t have to worry too much before throwing in your damp towel and yoga mat. Whatever material you choose, make sure that it is sturdy enough to carry your yoga mat to the studio on a regular basis.


Yoga mat bags should not strictly carry mats alone. Most of the yoga mat bags in the market today offer room for your essentials like a credit card, car keys, cell phones, books, towels, and a change of cloth. If you have other plans after your yoga class, these bags will make an ideal choice.


How would you like to organize your things in the yoga bag? Would you like a separate compartment for water bottles and towels? Do you need a zipped pocket? Or will a mesh pocket do? Ask yourself these questions before you make a purchase, and you’ll surely find one that fits the bill just perfectly. There’s a yoga mat bag for everyone.


Designers have gotten their hands on yoga mat bags. The market is now filled with bags that meet the latest fashion trends. You can choose one that reflects on your personality. There are yoga mat bags in different sizes, shapes, and styles – we have covered a wide variety on our list.

Consider the style and design of each bag. Pay attention to their functionality. Owning a yoga mat bag with a practical design can be very rewarding. Make sure that the design you choose allows you to express who you are as a person. You may choose a bright yellow bag or a modest, earthy color depending on your personality. 

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Table of Contents

The 13 Best Yoga Mat Bags

Product Description: If you like to keep things sturdy and functional for a long time, then you have landed on just the right product. The Goyoga Full-Zip yoga mat bag can store small valuables alongside your yoga mat and serve you for years to come.

Design and Quality: The yoga mat bag comes in a bright purple color that can depict your outgoing personality. Moreover, it features a functional front pocket and a side pocket for your music device.


  • Offers 2-years warranty
  • Made of 100% cotton

Product Description: Aurorae is a multi-purpose yoga mat bag that can function both as a backpack and back-riding yoga mat bag. It comes with two adjustable shoulder straps for easy carry. If you’re looking for a bag that can carry your items for the entire day – work, gym, and class, then this is the perfect product for you.

Design and Quality: The yoga mat bag has a large compartment that also features a laptop sleeve. The yoga mat holder is on the outer body; the mat will be exposed as you carry it. The bag is travel friendly. You can carry it to a hike or on your weekend away.


  • The manufacturer offers 2 years warranty on the product
  • Features padded, adjustable shoulder straps
  • Velcro secure yoga mat compartment

Product Description: Yogiii understands the needs of regular yogis like us. They’ve come up with one of the sturdiest yoga mat bags in the market. In fact, the brand is the pioneer of this uniquely designed tote bag. Your run to the studio will never be the same again.

Design and Quality: The bags come in a 13” by 13” dimension, with a wide shoulder strap to help you carry it with convenience. However, there are no buckles or fasteners in the bag. Not only yoga mats, but you can also use the bag to carry your books and groceries. The bag comes in a minimalistic design in earthly colors.


  • Gender-neutral design
  • Boasts excellent craftsmanship
  • Features a two-pocket design

Product Description: Manduka is a name trusted by avid yogis around the world. The yoga mat bag offered by the company is among the most breathable options in the market. It features a synthetic mesh for sufficient airflow within the bag.

Design and Quality: The bag boasts a slim and sleek design that stands out among its competitors. It is highly lightweight and can sustain heavy-duty usage for years on end. The bag is available in black and harbor finish.


  • Imported yoga mat bag
  • Features zipper closure
  • Hand washable

Product Description: Need a short bag that can carry your standard-sized yoga mat? Look no further! The Zenifit tote bag can serve you perfectly well. The product is 34” long and 24” wide –  a perfect size for easy transportation.

Design and Quality: The large compartment can carry water bottles and towels beside the yoga mat. There is also a front pocket to carry your valuables. The bag is available in a range of tasteful color combinations.


  • Offers lifetime warranty
  • Comes with mat elastics

Product Description: Yoga Addict offers a large-sized yoga mat bag available in 28” by 28” size. Don’t worry. The size does not cause any trouble in its portability. Adjustable shoulder straps take care of that. You can customize the length of the bag and commute to the yoga studio with ease.

Design and Quality: The product features an expandable front compartment that allows enough room for your phone, yoga accessories, towels, books, and more. It is available in a range of colors and designs. 


  • Made of premium quality polyester
  • Extra-wide compartment

Product Description: Here’s a bag that you can sling over your shoulder and set off to the yoga studio. With a classy design and roomy pockets, the bag can carry all your essentials and serve you all day long.

Design and Quality: This is a cross-body tote bag, available in grey color and can carry a standard-size yoga mat. There are two mesh pockets on its size and two zipped front pockets.


  • Features roomy pockets and a large compartment
  • Made of sturdy material for long-lasting performance

Product Description: If you’re into casual and minimalistic design, then this is the perfect product for you. Explore Land Oxford yoga mat bag features a completely unpretentious design and folding buckle closure. It is sportier than its competitors and offers great convenience.

Design and Quality: The product comes in gray and blue color. You will find mesh pockets on its sides to carry your essentials. There is also a hidden zip pocket for valuables.


  • Made of thick, durable materials
  • Tear-resistant
  • Can carry standard size yoga mats

Product Description: Are you looking for a bag that can carry yoga mats of any size? Here’s a product that you might enjoy. This gender-neutral bag is highly versatile in both functionalities and design. You can also use it as a shopping bag or picnic bag.

Design and Quality: The tote bag is made of high-quality cotton canvas and has two outer pockets and one internal zip pocket.


  • Available in a range of colors
  • Multi-purpose tote bag
  • Textured surface

Product Description: Gaiam is a name that needs very little introduction. Their products are a class of its own in terms of durability and design. This excellent yoga mat carrier is no different than the rest of its product lines. 

Design and Quality: The product features a magnetic snap closure that makes the mat inside highly accessible. There is also an outer zip pocket for carrying your essentials.


  • Can fit yoga mat of any size
  • Machine washable
  • Available in three colors

Product Description: The Peace yoga mat bag is a tote bag featuring multiple ventilation eyelets to allow your yoga mat to breathe. The bag can accommodate standard-sized yoga mats.

Design and Quality: The bag has a full zipper opening that allows you to remove and insert yoga mats easily. It is made of 100% cotton material for high durability. The item is finished with carefully crafted stitches for the best protection. 


  • Easy to clean material
  • Available in distinctive colors
  • Offers a 90-days money-back guarantee

Product Description: Heathyoga is a league of its own in the yoga mat industry. The offerings come in top-notch construction and design. This incredible yoga mat bag by Heathyoga easily takes place in our list of best yoga mat bags owing to its reinforced bottom and durable canvas material.

Design and Quality: The bag features a large compartment that can accommodate XL size yoga mats. Moreover, there are several pockets on the body for carrying water bottles, cell phones, belts, towels, and more.


  • Features several multi-functional pockets and adjustable straps
  • Large size compartment
  • Hand embroidery and stitches show great craftsmanship

Product Description: With over 30 design choices, Elenture offers one of the most versatile yoga mat bags in the market. They are 26” in length and 6.5” in diameter – an industry-standard size that is highly portable. If you want to make your run to the yoga studio more convenient, we suggest you opt for this yoga mat bag.

Design and Quality: The bag features a full zipper design and adjustable shoulder straps to maximize convenience. Moreover, there is a large pocket on its body for carrying yoga belts, cell phones, car keys, and other essentials.


  • Made of 100% high-quality canvas and fabric
  • Available in a range of colors and design
  • Hand washable


Carrying your personal yoga mat to the studio has become a necessity due to hygiene concerns. A yoga mat bag can make the commute so much easier. We hope that our guide to the best yoga mat bags has helped you make an informed purchase decision.


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