Weight Lifting For Weight Loss Female

Weight Lifting For Weight Loss Female

Weight Lifting For Weight Loss Female

It is important to highlight a few main points about weight lifting for weight loss. First, from lifting weights you won’t get Tall. The overconsumption of energy that you get “tall” can become fat or muscle depending on the foods you eat and the exercise you exercise. Second, more than you thought, you can lift—and you should. 

Weight Lifting For Weight Loss Female

Finally, if weight lifting is performed right, the day or two after your exercises are likely to be sore, especially if you are new to resistance exercise. This is referred to as delayed muscle or DOMS onset and a natural reaction to weight training. Be careful to stretch and drink plenty of water to help the body heal faster during workouts.

There are some major factors to be taken into consideration when working on your weight loss or fat loss targets.

Here’s what you need to learn about the right Weight Lifting For Weight Loss Female.


Weight Lifting For Weight Loss Female



When you’re short of time, spending five, ten, or fifteen minutes on a warm-up sounds like a waste of time. However, a correct warm-up will help you make the most of every sweat rep and bead.

Start with a light, elliptical, stationary bike, or treadmill aerobic activity in several minutes. You can move dynamically from there like squats, lungs, butt-kicks, high knees, slope pushups, or something that uses the same muscles you strike during your lifting session. Try to warm up for 15 minutes before you lift.


Lifting HEAVY Weights

No results can be obtained by lifting the same weight (if you lift). You must raise your weight. Increase weight and increase muscle strength and weight. Increase your muscle mass and your metabolic rate will increase. Increase the metabolic rate and more calories would be burned. You’ll lose weight, burn more calories than you eat. You have to lift heavy weights if you want to lose weight and not look skinny fat.



You don’t have to work on your weight exercise for more than 30 to 45 minutes. You can potentially minimize it to 20 minutes. I do not have the concentration or the time to raise weights for more than two hours, though I love to practice with my powerlifting buddies. The trick is to work hard during the whole training, reducing rest and maintaining your heart rate.

Big Lifts

Squat, deadlifts, lunges, thrusters, bench press, and pullups and rows are where it is when it comes to fat loss. These large muscle groups across many joints are used in these “grand lifts” for more muscle and hormonal benefits than the little isolation exercises. Big lifts activate both the secretion of testosterone and human growth hormone that improve the metabolism of fat.


Taking Break

More is not necessarily better for strength training. Sufficient rest between sets, activities, and whole workouts is an obstacle to overwork. Rest also gives you more energy to perform every rep to achieve optimal results for fat loss. How much rest you need is dependent on individual variables, such as strength training, lifting, and genetics. This is why listening to your body is so vital.


Circuit Training

Circuit Training is a perfect way to do many workouts. You should concentrate all the while maintaining your intensity on your upper, lower, or complete body. You still want to concentrate on heavyweights of course. Below is a full-body sample training course. This is a sample. Run from workout quick to workout and rest at the end of each round for a minute. Don’t be afraid to rest, heal fast, and then come back.


Weight Lifting Workouts

The foundations of functional movements are these weightlifting exercises. You can incorporate new variations as you get stronger. Five sets of five to six representatives – 25 to 30 total reps each move to start your super-strength exercise. Often breathe between each set for at least 90 seconds or two minutes.


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1.Hex Bar Deadlift

Hex Bar Deadlift

Begin by standing tall and hip-width apart within the hex bar 

(a). Maintain a vertical shin stance when pushing your hips back as far as possible. Bend your knees so both hands can grab the handle 

(b). Standing straight up with your knees slightly bent, back flat, and abs strong, engage your glutes 

(c). Hinge at the hips and drop your chest back down until the weight gently hits the floor, keeping your back flat 

(d). Stand up and repeat the process. Finish by slowly lowering the bar to the deck, just as you did when you picked it up.




Extend your legs behind you and place your hands on the floor slightly wider than shoulder-width apart. Lower your body until your chest is just above the floor, bracing your heart. Lower for two seconds and then click back up for two seconds. Hold your back flat and your elbows tight to your sides of your body throughout the exercise, and completely stretch your elbows at the top of the pushup.


3.Overhead press

Overhead press

Place the bar in a squat rack or cage, just outside shoulder width, and grab it. Remove the bar from the rack and position it at shoulder level with your forearms parallel to the ground. Brace your abs while gripping the bar. As the bar passes your face, press it overhead, pulling your head forward and shrugging your traps.


4.Push Press


Take an overhand grip on a barbell and keep it at shoulder height. Maintain a high elbow position with your upper arm parallel to the ground. Bend your knees slightly and lower yourself down, holding your body straight and avoiding leaning forward. When you push the barbell overhead and stand tall, stretch your knees and hips explosively. Before repeating, slowly lower the barbell back to your shoulders.


5.Bentover Row 

Push Press

Overhand grip the bar (or dumbbells) and lean forward until the body is parallel to the floor. Row the weight to your neck by squeezing your shoulder blades together. Since this is not the same as a barbell row to the chest, use less weight than you would for a barbell row.


6.Attempt a pullup

With a supinated grip, grab the bar at shoulder width. Pull yourself up until your head is over the counter, holding your core strong. To bring your chin over the counter, avoid using momentum.


7.EZ Bar Curl 

With a shoulder-width grip and arms extended with a slight bend at the elbows, hold an EZ bar (palms facing up) with a shoulder-width grip and a slight bend at the elbows. Curl the bar up while keeping your upper arms at your sides. Return the bar to its original position after three seconds.


8.Back Squat

Back Squat

Squat rack with barbell and weights. Submerge the body under the bar. Rest the barbell over the shoulders and traps. Make sure your hands are evenly spaced on both sides of the bar. Maintain the same place as you would for an air squat. Maintain a strong midline and a high chest.


 Frequently Asked Question(FAQ)


Can you lose weight just by lifting weights?

You won’t want to eliminate cardio if you want to burn fat faster. Lifting weights alone is perfectly fine, in fact, it’s amazing, but adding in cardio and changing [your] diet would be even better.


How many days a week should a woman lift weights?

At least three times a week, you should be lifting weights. According to the study, at the very least two days of training per week are needed to optimize muscle development.


Should a woman lose weight before lifting weights?

No, you do not need to lose weight before beginning strength training. Physical training will help you lose weight (and keep the muscle you have). Weight loss is 90% a product of your diet, so you don’t need to do hours of cardio to lose weight.


How soon will I see results from lifting weights?

If you’re new to resistance training, you can expect to see results in as little as two to four weeks, with an improvement in muscle tone, a reduction in body fat, and a boost in strength.


Can a female lose weight by lifting weights?

Lifting weights accentuate a woman’s natural body shape and curves. It’s easy to assume that lifting weights can result in bulky muscles, just as many men do when they lift. Females who indulge in heavyweight exercise, on the other hand, see their bodies shrink as a result of more muscle and less fat.


In the end, a variety of factors lead to weight loss—sleep, diet, attitude, and physical activity all play important roles in achieving and sustaining weight loss. Before beginning a weight-training program, consult with your doctor, and don’t be afraid to struggle. Failure is the starting point for development and transformation. Three total-body circuit-training workouts per week are recommended. If you plan to break your workouts, strive to do two upper-body workouts, two lower-body workouts, and one total-body workout every week.


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